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“Compelling. I’d like to see more from this director.” – Fiona Fyfe

2ser2ser Celluloid Dreams – Review: The Bolivian Case at Sydney Film Festival

“As you sift through the evidence presented, it’s hard to work out who is telling the truth. Trial by media. Trial by law. The Bolivian Case take us on an uneasy journey through that grey space between right and wrong.” – Madeleine Donovan – Why is one young woman in jail for smuggling cocaine while her friends walk free?

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The Bolivian Case is garnering attention from a young audience, which is the purpose of the film.

‘They are the victims of the drug war, and they are the ones who can propel change,’ Violeta says.

‘How the film is built and how the film is constructed, it’s not built for someone who can’t follow things fast. It’s made to watch on an iPhone, then talk to your friends after and Tweet about it.’”- Ellie Cooper

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“Sparkling documentary… The Bolivian Case portrays the modern-day trial-by-media, and what happens when real-life fates are decided by which stories will sell the most gossip-mag copies” – Anthony Carew – SFF 2015: The Bolivian Case

“Verdict: The Bolivian Case is a slick and timely doco that examines the seemingly universal tabloid obsession with pretty young women locked up abroad. It goes further than that though, making pertinent points about the issues of media influencing justice and the way that class and first impressions influence the way that criminals are treated. Thankfully though the film never becomes dreary or a bore to watch whilst doing all of that.” – Tim Hoar

Violeta and Dan Speak with CJ Johnson for 702 ABC Sydney

“Very entertaining film and it’s just jaw-dropping… It’s a kind of film that you couldn’t write as fiction, really, without stretching credibility…but it’s all, all real.”  – CJ Johnson

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FilmInk – Standing Trial

“Throughout the documentary, we as the viewer are presented with multiple perspectives, and the case becomes mired within a strange media circus. Looking back, Ayala seems to feel that this struggle for truth was at the heart of her experience.

‘It was intense, because you come to one person and believe that person, then you really believe the next person. But for me, this is a film about what truth is, really. Can truth exist? It all depends on who you believe.'” – Charles Martin

MetroScreen – Award-Winning Filmmaker Showcases ‘The Bolivian Case’ At Sydney Film Festival


MyTrendyBuzz – Filmmaker Violeta Ayala Explains the Societal Relevance of Her Latest Doc, ‘The Bolivian Case’

“The characteristics that come with bravely pursuing the truth without any tolerance for timidity is what makes Ayala thrive in a world that very few are able to seamlessly navigate.” – Ezinne Ukoha

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“More often than we realize, the media plays a powerful role in determining justice in society, by misrepresenting individuals based on gender, race and class. There is an increasing need for more women to not only produce, but also be represented in documentaries, as they give women the opportunity to tell their stories and challenge us to have a different perspective on the world.” – Sydney Levine

The Iris – Trailer Released for The Bolivian Case, screening at Sydney Film Festival 2015 

The Iris

“The documentary explores the misdirected way in which the much relied upon media constructed stories based on race and gender sparking a storm of controversy in Norway.” – Ryan Champion

She Does The City – Our Top 8 Picks for Hot Docs 2015

“This is reality TV meets true crime in a grand criminal exposé that sheds light on modern crime and punishment.” – Erin Pehlivan

ViceVICE – Forget Hollywood: Watch Documentaries if you Care About Women

“Instead of asking us to question the guilt or innocence of these women, Ayala asks us to confront how gender—and also race and class—affects how we assign guilt.” – Regan Reid

Strictly Docs – The Festival Unveils Its Hot Docs

“Another highlight will undoubtedly be Violeta Ayala’s The Bolivian Case. This tense portrait exposes the harrowing story of three teenage girls who were caught smuggling cocaine.” – Strictly Docs