NAME:  Augusto Toro-Blacutt

LOCATION: In San Antonio Prison – Cochabamba, Bolivia

STATUS: Sentenced to 15 years.

HIS CASE: Augusto was living with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, in Bolivia when the three girls were caught but traveled to Oslo a day before their arrest. He was on the run for eight months until they caught him in Bolivia. Augusto is accused of orchestrating the drug smuggling trip to Bolivia. He goes to trial with Stina Brendemo and Madelaine Rodriguez in Bolivia, and is sentenced to 15 years in prison, due to his role as the organiser. Augusto met Roland at church, and they became good friends.

HIS TESTIMONY: Augusto will be a witness via Skype in the trial against Christina and the four others. He says he was the one who recruited Madelaine, Stina and Christina, and that they all knew they would be smuggling cocaine back to Oslo. Augusto also said the girls had an opportunity to pull out of the operation, when their drug shipment was delayed, but the three girls decided to stay in Bolivia to wait for the drugs. The Bolivian prosecution presented the plain tickets where in fact, the girls delayed their return date for a week.

MEDIA PORTRAYAL: Augusto is portrayed as one of the biggest drug traffickers of Norway, often described as the “Latin Kingpin.” Augusto is a Norwegian of Bolivian descent.