NAME: Christopher

LOCATION: Halden Prison, Norway

STATUS: On Trial.

HIS CASE: Christopher was caught wiring money to Bolivia via Western Union in 2008. He is accused of complicity and faces 8 years in prison. Christopher is a school friend of Roland. He had struggled with a heroin addiction since he was a teenager. While on trial, he was in jail for another minor offense. Christopher was studying Economics when he died in February 2015, five months short of becoming a father.

HIS TESTIMONY: Christopher admits he wired money to South America; however, he says; he wasn’t aware, the cash would be used to buy cocaine. He didn’t know MadelaineStina or Christina.

HIS MEDIA PORTRAYAL: Christopher hasn’t been identified by the Norwegian press, he is known by the media as “The Money Launderer.” He comes from a upper-middle class Norwegian family in Oslo.