NAME: Oskar

LOCATION: Oslo, Norway

STATUS: On Trial.

HIS CASE:  Oskar was 17 when he brought €35,000 to Brazil. He is being accused of complicity along with Christopher. Oskar was put in solitary confinement for three days before knowing why he was even detained. He faces 8 years. Oskar is the youngest of the group; he comes from a well-known, artistic family from Norway. He is a talented young painter that struggles with drug addiction. Oskar worries that his tattoos will increase his chances of being declared guilty.

HIS TESTIMONY: Oskar admits to bringing money to Brazil and meeting Augusto in Sao Paulo; however, he denies taking part in the in the drug smuggling attempt by Madelaine, Stina and Christina. He says when they asked him to bring drugs back on his suitcase, he refused.

HIS MEDIA PORTRAYAL: Oskar hasn’t been identified by the Norwegian press, he is known by the media as “The money courier.”