NAME: Stina

LOCATION: Oslo, Norway

STATUS: Sentenced to 13 years in Bolivia & Fugitive living in Oslo.

HER CASE: Stina was 17 when she, her lover Christina, her friend Madelaine, and Rodriguez’s baby (Stina’s niece), were arrested in a Bolivian airport. She was carrying 7kg of cocaine concealed in the bottom of an Adidas sports bag in her luggage. Two years later, Stina gets pregnant in prison, and the Norwegian media goes crazy for coverage. ALFA, a popular men’s magazine, pays Stina for the exclusive rights to her story. They finance an escape worthy of Hollywood that includes paying her $60,000 bail, sending mercenaries to Bolivia, chartering private planes, boats and illegal border crossings. Before she arrives back in Norway, ALFA publishes the exclusive news of Stina’s escape from Bolivia. ALFA also films a documentary about her “fantastic break away from South America”, which airs on commercial TV. Unlike Christina, Stina isn’t charged in Norway.

HER TESTIMONY: Stina is a witness in the trial against Christina and says that the three girls knew they were going to Bolivia on a holiday, but she didn’t know there was cocaine in her bag. She says she didn’t trick Christina and blames Madelaine for everything.

MEDIA PORTRAYAL: Stina’s media image is based around her being the “typical blond Norwegian girl,” caught up in scandal in Bolivia, a mysterious foreigner country, far away from home. After her escape from Bolivia,  Stina has become a celebrity.