NAME: Roland

LOCATION: In Ullersmo Prison, Norway

STATUS: On Trial.

HIS CASE: Roland is accused as one of the ringleaders in the drug smuggling attempt involving MadelaineStina and Christina. He allegedly organised the trip from Norway  with his friend, Augusto.While on trial, he is in jail for another drug case, where he took full responsibility. Roland faces 15 years. During his stay in prison, Roland is currently studying for a master’s degree in International Relations.

HIS TESTIMONY: Roland admits that he knew a shipment was coming from Bolivia to Norway, and knew that there were three mules involved; however, he says he was not involved in its organization.

MEDIA PORTRAYAL: Roland hasn’t been named by the Norwegian press, he is known by the media as “The Theology Student.” Roland was adopted as a baby from Peru to a middle-upper class Norwegian-American family.